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Why Cyprus

Companies registered in Cyprus are governed by the Cyprus Company Law, Chapter 113 which is based on English law.

The benefits of establishing a base in Cyprus are numerous and a lot of international companies are taking advantage of the many business and taxation benefits the country has to offer.

The island, an established member of the EU, is a respected international jurisdiction for business because of the opportunities created by a favourable tax regime, including many double tax treaty agreements, as well as its strategic location and high level of skilled professional workers.

cyprus tax regime

International companies are able to enjoy the same low tax rates as local business, making the country one of the leading business destinations in Europe and an international financial centre. The county is also the gateway to Europe, Asia and Africa, at the crossroads of all three continents.

Some of the benefits of offshore business in Cyprus:

Cyprus is a member of the European Union
A reputable country with an excellent location
Profits taxed in the same way as local companies at only 12.5%
Extensive tax exemptions through the Double Tax Treaty network
Tax-free management of shipping vessels registered in Cyprus
VAT exemption on offshore activities
Normal trading activity does not incur stamp duty
Income from the sale of securities is exempt from tax
No taxes for the repatriation of profits from Cyprus companies to non-residents
Group relief provisions
No time restrictions in carrying forward tax losses
Bank accounts offered in multiple currencies to suit you
Dividend income and profits from the sale of shares are exempt from tax
Income on foreign capital deposited in Cyprus banks remains tax exempt
Useful base for the receipt of dividends, interest and royalties
High-quality standard of professional services
Excellent commercial infrastructure, banking and workforce capabilities
Able to open a fully-operational office in Cyprus
No minimum requirement for number of directors
We can help you take advantage of these benefits, taking care of your corporate administration requirements and providing you with everything you need to establish a registered base in the country.