Cyprus Company

Companies registered in Cyprus are governed by the Cyprus Company Law, Chapter 113 which is based on English law.

General Overview Fact Sheet

Basis of Legal System Common
Type of Company Limited
Exchange Controls No
Redomiciliation Permitted Yes
Shelf Companies Available Yes
Timescale for new entities 5 working days
European SA Yes
Corporate Requirement
Minimum Share Capital €1
Minimum Shareholders 1 (natural person or corporate body)
Minimum Directors 1 (natural person or corporate body)
Bearer Shares No
Registered Office Yes
Company Secretary Yes (resident of Cyprus either natural person or corporate body)
Public Filings
Directors Yes
Secretary Yes
Shareholders Yes
Beneficial Owners No
Issued Share Capital Yes
Memorandum and Articles of Association Yes
Annual Filing Requirements
Annual Return Yes
Audited Financial Statements Yes
Annual Filing to Tax Authorities Yes